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Apr 15

April Book Review: Sea Change by Gina Chung

In our next book review, Swetha Amit swims through Gina Chung’s debut novel, Sea Change, a book Amit describes as “immersive and unforgettable.” This debut, out last month from Vintage, “showcases how a person can find companionship in the most unexpected things, while also touching on themes of family and relationships.” Read Amit’s review at the link below.

In her debut novel, Gina Chung explores how a young woman working in an aquarium, grappling with loss and heartbreak, finds solace in a giant pacific octopus named Dolores. The protagonist Aurora, who goes by Ro, is in her thirties. She is the only child of Korean immigrants and is stuck in life. Her marine biologist father disappeared under mysterious circumstances during a research expedition at Bering Vortex—where he discovered Dolores, fifteen years ago. Isolated in life, Ro finds solace in her menial job at the aquarium (her favorite parts, she states, are gazing at the intelligent sea creatures and feeding the animals), binge drinking and waking up with hangovers. Her sole companion is Dolores—the octopus which remains her last link to her father.

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