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Apr 12

April Book Review: The Sons of the Santorelli by Tony Taddei

The Sons of the Santorelli is a book about fathers and sons, and the many ways they betray each other, but manage to love each other all the same,” writes reviewer Joanna Acevedo about Tony Taddei’s debut story collection, The Sons of the Santorelli, out today from Bordighera Press! Dive into Acevedo’s review in full at the link below.

As we get to know the Santorelli family in Tony Taddei’s linked collection The Sons of the Santorelli, watch them try and fail, succeed and fall into disrepair, we learn to love and care for the brothers and their extended family as if they were our own. Because the stories are linked, we get many different perspectives on each brother. Each story serves as an entry point to one particular moment in time, which creates an overall picture of the family as a first-generation brotherhood simply trying to survive.

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