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Aug 15

August Book Review: The Great Transition by Nick Fuller Googins

Continuing our book reviews this month, editor Cole Meyer examines The Great Transition, the debut novel from former Short Story Award winner Nick Fuller Googins, out today from Atria Books! “Climate fiction, political thriller, and a family story all wrapped up into one,” he writes, “The Great Transition… is a triumph of voice and vision.” This is a debut you won’t want to miss!

In The Great Transition, Nick Fuller Googins’s thrilling debut novel, the question is not how to solve the climate crisis—it’s how to stay vigilant. Sixteen years have passed since Day Zero—that’s the day Earth’s net carbon emissions reached zero—and to some, society now looks like a utopia built on a philosophy of mutual aid: Private corporations are no more, replaced by co-ops; two weeks of civil service each year is mandatory for adults. The world looks different when there’s a common goal. But some, like Kristina Vargas, are not at peace. History repeats itself when we let our guard down, she knows, when we let good enough become the end goal.

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