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Aug 3

August Book Review: The Lookback Window by Kyle Dillon Hertz

In our first book review of the month, reviewer Joanna Acevedo dives into The Lookback Window, a debut by Kyle Dillon Hertz, out now from Simon & Schuster. “Through a miasma of sex, drugs, and simply gorgeous writing, the love child of Denis Johnson and Lana Del Rey,” Acevedo writes, “Hertz has created a deeply memorable tale of a man on the search for healing.” Read the full review at the link below.

The Lookback Window, Kyle Dillon Hertz’s forthcoming novel from Simon & Schuster, pulls no punches. When I read early drafts in a workshop led by Jeffrey Eugenides in early 2020, right before the pandemic would completely change the way we write, work, and workshop, I immediately knew Hertz had something rare and special. The pages were dazzling and jewel-like, Hertz’s prose stunning from the first lines: “The sky was as blue as any other perfect conspiracy.” Our little workshop was shaken by Hertz’s hedonistic, magical, and terrifying world, but we were also fascinated and addicted, much like his narrator, Dylan. In the next few years, Hertz would take these pages and create something truly revolutionary.

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