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Aug 10

August Book Review: The Prumont Method by Trevor J. Houser

Reviewer Suzy Eynon reviews The Prumont Method by Trevor J. Houser, out now from Unsolicited Press, in our next book review for August! In The Prumont Method, Eynon writes, “Houser has assembled with these pieces a cohesive, touching, and clever narrative, with a relatable anti-hero, which is just as heartbreaking as it is funny.” Read the full review at the link below.

The Prumont Method by Trevor J. Houser doesn’t gloss over the topic of gun violence or relegate it to the background to tell a different story. This novel, Houser’s second, places gun violence front and center, dropping the reader into the protagonist’s story with the opening line, “When did I predict my first mass shooting?” In short chapters that sometimes read as entries by a highly aware and darkly humorous diarist, Roger Prumont, creator of the Method, reveals in time that he has recently suffered marital difficulties, left his career in regional healthcare marketing, and drives around the country while he attempts to interpret the Method’s latest predictions before the next mass shooting. The Method is an enigmatic mathematical theorem of “thirty to forty-odd pages” predicting approximately when and where a mass shooting will occur within the United States. The exact operations of this method remained illusory to me as a reader which benefited the book in that I didn’t need to worry over how it worked to accept its role in the narrative.

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