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What does a writer’s office look like? From Proust’s cork-lined room to Margaret Atwood’s organized desk, writers’ offices are as varied as the work produced within them. The spaces where authors create continue to fascinate us. Check out the great spaces below and send us a picture of your #writersoffice.

BuzzFeed compiled pictures of the creative spaces of many famous artists, designers, musicians, and writers. Among them are Mark Twain, Martin Amis, Virginia Woolf, Nigella Lawson, and Susan Orlean. Check it out.

The Guardian did a two-year series on writers’ rooms that features pictures and short essays from each author about his writing environment. It’s nice to hear authors talk candidly about their routines. The series is full of little gems, such as this one from Justin Cartwright: “It’s only about three metres, but the separation of home and work is crucial.” Read the series here.

From Sir Walter Scott composing epic poetry on horseback, to Agatha Christie plotting novels in her bathtub, this Writer’s Digest article talks about the unconventional writing spots of famous writers. Read it here.

This Poets and Writers article discusses the work spaces of many famous authors and examines the question: “What does place even mean to a writer?” It’s a great read.

The Next Best Book Blog features weekly profiles with writers about their work spaces. They even got Margaret Atwood to tweet a picture of her desk to them! Check it out.