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Jan 5

January Book Review: Collateral Damage: 48 Stories by Nancy Ludmerer

Welcome to 2023! Our first review of the year looks back on former TMR contributor Nancy Ludmerer’s debut collection, Collateral Damage: 48 Stories, which was published in October by Snake Nation Press. The review, written by another former TMR contributor Joy Guo, calls the collection “a lesson in economy, a master class in saying just enough.” Dive in to the full review a the link below!

Published by Snake Nation Press in October 2022, Nancy Ludmerer’s debut collection of short stories in Collateral Damage: 48 Stories is a lesson in economy, a master class in saying just enough—about both damage by others and at our own hands, as well as the subsequent attempts to repair, though the fault lines along which damage stops and repair begins are never clearly marked.

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