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Jul 21

July Book Review: Here in the Night by Rebecca Turkewitz

In our first July Book Review, we are proud to present our review of Rebecca Turkewitz’s stunning debut, Here in the Night, out today from Black Lawrence Press. Turkewitz is a former TMR contributor, and her story “At This Late Hour” opens this wonderful and chilling collection. Read the full review at the link below, and congratulations to Rebecca on the release of her book!

In the final pages of Here in the Night, Rebecca Turkewitz’s debut collection, out now from Black Lawrence Press, a character remarks: “The world is a weird place.” It’s a comment that seems to speak to every story in this haunting collection. Over thirteen stories (a number picked not accidentally, I’m sure), Turkewitz explores the weird, the unusual, the unsettling: creatures, specters, things that go bump in the night. Breakups and bullies and the deep dark fears of both children and adults. There’s the ghost of Emily Leavitt who haunts Blackstone, New Hampshire in the collection’s opening story, “At This Late Hour,” (first published right here in The Masters Review); the ghost of Grace in “The Elevator Girl” who, despite still living, may haunt the elevator of the art building at Ohio State; and in “The Attic,” the ghost of Hazel, who, despite being invented by two young girls in an attempt to talk about anything but their impending separation, seems as real as any other ghost here.

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