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Jul 7

July Book Review: Living Dolls and Other Women by S. Montana Katz

In our first book review of July, reviewer Dan Mazzacane dives in S. Montana Katz’s novel, Living Dolls and Other Women. Mazzacane calls the novel “fast” but “carefully articulated” and “meticulously planned.” Dig into the full review at the link below.

S. Montana Katz’s mid-80s New York art scene is rendered in a fast-paced blur of POV shifting complexity, populated with the intricacies of women—their lives, relationships, desires, dreams. She creates her New York with a precise eye for detail, laying out its crowded streets, traffic, and people in a style that edges towards claustrophobic in a way to those familiar with the bustle of a city. Living Dolls is at once a romance novel, a crime drama, and a tragedy, twining together its characters stories with an insidious string of violence and activism carried out among the New York streets.

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