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Sep 5

Literary Friends: Podmasters Podcast


Meet the Postmasters Podcast, whose focus is “writing and life after the MFA.” Proudced by Lesley University MFA-ers Audrey Camp and Lacy Mayberry, this monthly podcast offers discussions on writing and life as they pertain to those recently graduated or currently pursuing an MFA. Their in-depth examinations on the practicalities of life as a writer appeal to authors of all backgrounds and pursuits, as their discussions often focus on craft, technique, and strategies for writers.

Recently, Masters Review author and fellow Lesley University student Courtney Gillette, stopped by the podcast to read a portion of her story “How to Like Girls” publishing in The Masters Review this fall.

We laughed out loud when Courtney discussed her grade-school friends’ names, and we fell in love with her essay a little more after hearing her read it. We encourage anyone with graduate-level creative writing credentials to visit the podcast. It’s a project full of warmth and insight, and is a wonderful way for the Lesley University community of MFA writers to expand to others.

Check out Courtney’s interview, here.

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