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Feb 4

Literary Links – How to Write a Humor Piece

Untitled-2Mid-week strikes and we’re in for some cold weather out here in the northwest. Curl up by the fire, pour yourself a cup of joe (tea, bourbon, …whatever) and enjoy some links of the literary sort.

Teddy Wayne provides us with a break down of how to write a humor story. Comedy writing might not be your bag, but if you click (the many) links in this piece, at the very least you’ll be laughing out loud by article’s end. And look, now you’re submission is McSweeny’s worthy.

According to The Atlantic, the “book lover” is in serious decline, with a quarter of Americans reporting not having read a single book last year. Le sigh.

Love it or hate it, Lena Dunham’s GIRLS is a hit show. We won’t get into the bigger debate surrounding its criticisms, but there is a publishing thread in the plot to enjoy. Now you can read the first chapter of Hannah Horvath’s ebook (or physical book… or no book at all…) If you’re a fan of the show, or simply eye-rolling over the fact that a twenty-something’s memoir could possibly be published before any of your own work, stew over this.

Kyle Minor’s debut novel PRAYING DRUNK is out this month and is getting a lot of buzz. He talks with Tin House about his book and also rectifies a collection of untruths he was told as a child. Read this.

Buzzfeed put out a list of 15 of the most highly anticipated books from (mostly) small presses. PRAYING DRUNK is at the top of their list as are many other notable debuts. Scroll around and put together your reading list.

One of the largest literary conferences in the country is this month, with AWP taking place in Seattle. It’s not too late to book attendance. Take a look at the schedule and start making plans. (We will be there. See you at table i4 y’all.)

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