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Mar 2

Literary Links – The Monday Version

Oh Monday. Here are some best-of-the-webs to get you geared up for the week. literary links_green

Matt Sumell produced this list of Fiction’s top ten troublemakers for The Guardian.

We’re excited about a few things over here. Our anthology closes for submissions on the 31, which means you need to get your stories in pronto. Also, we’re thrilled to announce author Anne Valente will be editing the stories for our online Spring Workshop, which is open for submissions through May 15. Lastly, a huge congrats to Masters Review writer Megan Giddings and her story “The Brothers Wham!” which will be republished in The Best of the Net anthology.

Rob Spillman gave us this great piece in Guernica on Miranda July and her new book, The First Bad Man. “The issue is that words like whimsical are ‘a pejorative masquerading as a descriptor’ and, no surprise, are rarely used to describe the work of male novelists working similar territory.”

Screenwriters, HBO is accepting applications to its HBO Access Writing Fellowship, which opens on March 4, and is looking for diverse writers. Details, here.

We’re Electric Literature devotees. They are always great and always deliver. Here’s this gem, a video of Lydia Davis’ advice to young writers. “Do what you want to do, and don’t worry if it’s a little odd or doesn’t fit the market.”

Thirty-one-year-old author Graham Moore talks writing, failure, and his screenplay The Imitation Game, in this lengthy (and awesome!) interview. “In spending your days making things, you’re constantly recalibrating how much of an editor you need to be, how much you need to trust that hopefully someone will make some merit in what you’re doing, but at the same time be easy on yourself enough so that you can keep going. But you also have to be hard enough on yourself so that you don’t think that just any thing is the most brilliant thing in the world. ”

Want to feel productive on a Monday? Submit to these upcoming contests (a sneak-peek of our March deadlines list)!

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