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Mar 2

March Book Review: Spilt Milk by Courtney Zoffness

In our first review of March, Courtney Harler reviews Spilt Milk by Courtney Zoffness, out today from McSweeney’s Books. Harler writes, “In her debut…Zoffness examines her childhood through the prism of her motherhood.” Readers won’t want to miss this remarkable new collection of personal essays.

In her debut collection of personal essays, Spilt Milk, out today from McSweeney’s Books, Courtney Zoffness examines her childhood through the prism of her motherhood. Fears, loves, doubts, and desires garner fuller significance through highly self-aware, highly intricate modes of retrospection and introspection. With heart and skill, Zoffness is also able to extend the topic of conversation well beyond the domestic, framing her own daily struggles with global concerns. Even amidst worldwide instability, each essay steadfastly relies upon a kind of paradoxical bedrock of uncertainty, honesty, and vulnerability. Zoffness writes, “So I do what I often do when unsure of something. I read.” These ten essays compel the reader to do the same.

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