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Oct 25

October Book Review: I Have Her Memories Now by Carrie Grinstead

Former TMR contributor Carrie Grinstead’s debut collection, I Have Her Memories Now, winner of the 2022 Fiction Book Prize from Howling Bird Press, is now available! The collection contains the story “Little Room” which was selected by Rebecca Makkai for the seventh volume of our annual anthology. Read our review of this fabulous collection below, and then buy a copy of Grinstead’s book!

There’s something comforting about returning, years later, to a familiar story. This rereading transports you, now a different person than you were when you first encountered the story, to somewhere new but recognizable. The details you notice in this new read may not be the same details that captured you back when, but the thrill of being caught off guard all over again in a new way is unmatchable.

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