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The Masters Review Volume X With Stories Selected by Diane Cook

Our biggest anthology yet, The Masters Review Anthology Volume X represents our ten years of dedication to publishing emerging writers. Inside, you'll find our winning writers, their stories selected by Diane Cook, author of the novel The New Wilderness and the story collection Man V. Nature: Cherokee Space Camp, a bachelor party for a recovering alcoholic at a bar, a seance. Cats leaping to their deaths, a rat king, family legends. They're all waiting for you, alongside an introduction by Diane Cook and essays from former Anthology contributors who've gone on to publish story collections and novels since their inclusion in our pages.

"Do Not Duplicate" by John Darcy
"A String of Lapis Beads" by Greg Schutz
"All That Is or Ever Was or Ever Will Be" by Eliana Ramage
"Comfort Animals" by Travis Eisenbise
"Persimmon" by Elissa C. Huang
"The Bird Rattle" by Chelsy Diaz Amaya
"Atlas, Bayonet, (War) Correspondence: An Abecedarian" by Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt
"Sugar" by Francis Walsh
"Limbs" by Megan Callahan
"Resurrection" by Hilary Dean
With essays from previous winners Monica Macansantos, Jennifer Dupree, Eliza Robertson, Emma Sloley, Robert Glick, and Anna Reeser.

Volume X can be purchased on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.