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Apr 22

Send Us Your Micro Fiction!

save your heartIn honor of Short Story Month, this May we will feature an online showcase about our favorite form: the short story. Each week we feature original fiction, interviews, and an essay or article about a different craft element or genre. For one such focus, we will look at the apocalypse and end-of-the-world stories — the way contemporary writers are examining this issue and why, as readers, we are so drawn to the topic.

Alongside guest authors, we’re asking for your stories about the end of the world. Send us 25 – 250 words based on one of the following two quotes by Saturday April 25 in order to be considered. Submissions can be sent to contact (at) mastersreview (dot) com:

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine. — REM

It’s always the end of the world. — Jess Walter

These contributions are unpaid and will appear online.

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