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Sep 15

September Book Review: How We Disappear by Tara Lynn Masih

In How We Disappear by Tara Lynn Masih, out earlier this week from Press 53, Masih is “working with the same type of silences” as maps, according to reviewer Irene Lee. Masih’s third book, How We Disappear crosses borders, explores landscapes, and engages with a long and rich history of folklore, oral tradition and magical practices. Read the full review at the link below.

The mapmaker’s hand is always visible. The sketch of the person outlined in the drawings, marking the mapmaker’s own journey, to connect the reader to the land the way the mapmaker saw it. “Come with me,” the map whispers. How We Disappear, is a book composed of short stories and a novella written by Tara Lynn Masih. Published by Press 53 in September 2022, this is Masih’s third book, and it could just as well be described as a sketched map. Maps don’t need words for meaning to shine through. All you need is a key. Masih is working with the same type of silences that maps do.

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