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Sep 13

September Book Review: Is That All There Is by Marcelle Heath

In our second book review of September, reviewer Mark Daniel Taylor digs into Marcelle Heath’s new collection, Is That All There Is? out today from Awst Press. “What really marks the collection as a whole,” Taylor writes, is this feeling of beauty and elegance amongst both the day-to-day and the tragic.” Read the full review at the link below.

Published by Awst Press, the stories in Marcelle Heath’s new short story collection Is That All There Is? come in three distinct flavors.

The first of these are the dream-like narratives of stories like “The Bluff,” where a woman named Mattie recalls the ghostly visage of a young girl and her terrier on the edge of a grassy cliff, or “Origin,” where a woman brushes her boss’ daughter’s hair only to find a small owl living it. These stories are unbound by any single time or location, and a single sentence might propel us through an adolescence or a life-long feud with a family member. But while they might seem strange or even confusing at first, they gradually begin to make sense in the context of the larger collection.

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