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Jun 9

Short Story Month: RECAP

Each year in May we celebrate Short Story Month by offering interviews, essays, and original fiction by established authors, all alongside work from emerging writers. In case you missed any of the goodness, here is an easy guide to everything we did last month in our Short Story Month Recap. Enjoy!

short story month recapFICTION:


  • Want to learn more about craft? What better way than through those who know it best. Check out this interview with THE DEAD LANDS (and short story writer) Benjamin Percy. “Will this be fun to write? That’s what I wonder. The keyboard is my zoo, my circus, my waterpark, my candy store, my haunted house — I’m so excited to write every day, and I hope that energy carries onto the page.”
  • Robert Swartwood is the authority on hint fiction. He discussed the form with editor Sadye Teiser in this interview: “For me, a successful hint fiction story stands by itself. It’s not a first sentence or random sentence plucked out of a much larger work. In many ways, it has a beginning, middle, and end.”
  • Daniel Orozco’s short story “Orientation” is a favorite among writers. Masters Review intern Cole Meyer had the opportunity to interview Orozco on this fantastic and beloved story. “I’ve come to believe that there’s no greater arena for high drama than the workplace, whether your job is a grocery bagger or an administrative assistant or a test pilot. Everybody’s got a job, and for most people the workplace is a highly regulated environment—you can’t wear what you want, you can’t eat when you want, and you can’t avoid that guy who drives you absolutely nuts (because you work with him, or because he’s your boss).”


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