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The Masters Review 2013 Authors Are…


Congratulations to the following authors whose stories were selected for publication this year by AM Homes. These ten stories, along with an introduction from Ms. Homes, will publish later this year in the summer/fall of 2013. Stay tuned for more news, until then: APPLAUSE!

Laurie Ann Cedilnik, “Sunshiny Days and Mostly Clear Nights”; Western Michigan University, PhD

Traci Cox, “Missed”; George Mason University, MFA

Jennifer Dupree, “Dancing at the Zoo”; Stonecoast, MFA

Courtney Gillette, “How to Like Girls”; Lesley University, MFA

Drew Krepp, “The Brackish”; North Carolina Wilmington, MFA

Andrew Payton, “Potomac”; Iowa State University, MFA

Jane Summer, “Peaceful Village”; Goddard College, MFA

Zoe Vandeveer, “Coffee for Dead Children”; UC Irvine, MFA

Louise Ells, “Scraping”; Angila Ruskin University, PhD

Dustin M. Hoffman, “Almost Touching, Almost Free”; Western Michigan, PhD