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Reading is Sexy: Style Guide

1. Schoolboy Blazer in Houndstooth by J Crew.

Editors and agents will have to take you seriously if you’re looking this good. Didn’t you know Houndstooth is the international pattern for literary? Enjoy.

2. Combback Windsor Writing Desk. (Etsy)

This windsor writing desk will inspire great words. Get your hands on it now.

3. Brightside Colorblock Sweater by Madewell.

This sweater is the perfect answer to those dreary winter days. It’s sure to bring a little sunshine into your workspace… and writing.

4. Hunt Trapper Plaid Wool Hat by Woolrich.

If this doesn’t scream Holden Caulfield then I don’t know what does. If you’re holed up in a winter cabin this season trying to finish your short story or novel, this hat will help keep you warm (and looking good) while you’re at it.

5. Leather Messenger Bag. (Etsy)

Doesn’t every serious author (professor, poet, student) need a well-worn messenger bag to help store books, notepads, and computers? Thought so.