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Jun 19

Taking Over the World

Case in point regarding blogging. This is news we should have shared weeks ago. Tin House is perhaps one of the heaviest hitters when it comes to literary magazines. We’ve had a subscription for years and find them pretty much flawless and fantastic. So it goes without saying that we keep a close eye on their blog. Tin House does a weekly fiction competition called PLOTTO, based on the book “PLOTTO” by William Wallace Cook. The competition calls for a 500 word submission that is inspired by that week’s PLOTTO prompt.

We’re thrilled to announce that not only has one of our editors, Kim Winternheimer, been selected as a weekly winner but so has one of our Masters Review authors, Zana Previti. Big round of applause you two. Way to take over the world, one fiction prompt at a time.

Check out Kim’s Week Seven winner¬†here.

And Zana’s wonderful story¬†here.


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