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Apr 29

Ten Things to do While Waiting for our Finalists to Announce

AM Homes is currently reviewing our shortlisted stories and will announce the final ten shortly. In the meantime, here are ten pretty great ways to waste some time.

Take this quiz and test your knowledge on some of our favorite Children’s Books. We uh, didn’t do as well as we’d like.

Eager for some reading? Take a look at our New Voices page and drink in some good literary fiction. If you’re an emerging author, send us your own submission.

We went batty over the Netflix Original Series House of Cards. Now there’s Hemlock Grove, based off the book with the same title. It’s being marketed as horror/thriller, but there are some fantasy and paranormal elements as well. We can’t decide whether we love or hate it. Take a look for yourselves and chime in, in the comments.

Have you seen Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling? We thought there was some great advice in this little infographic.

We’re currently reading George Saunders’ Tenth of December. To put it simply we could not be more obsessed with this book. If you haven’t read it DO SO NOW. In the meantime, check out this interview.

The Great Gatsby movie will be out May 10. Check out the trailer here, and if you dig it, you might want to pick up this t-shirt.

Speaking of parties, have you seen this list of famous literary authors and their drinks? If not, you probably should.

Here’s another great list, this time of the world’s grumpiest authors. Thanks, Flavorwire.

Okay, now we’re grumpy. Time to check out the Official Facebook page for Grumpy Cat. (Like we’d have a list and not include a cat! Ha!)

Lastly, these are seriously some of the best cookies we’ve ever made. You can thank us later.

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