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Mar 25

Watch Your Reading: Four Literary Videos

From an interview with JCO on her writing life to an animation of a Neil Gaiman story, these videos all clock in at under twenty minutes. Trust us, they are time well spent. If you want your YouTube fix for the day but need a break from watching cat videos, here are four excellent literary links. (Well, OK, one of them has cats.)

Silver Fish Productions has made a short animated video of Neil Gaiman’s “The Price” that perfectly captures the story’s chilling tone:

JCO is known to be an incredibly prolific writer. This New Yorker interview with her gives us all something to aspire to:

Here, Zadie Smith reads from her essay “That Crafty Feeling” on what it feels like to write a novel. One of our favorite gems: “The idea of forming people out of grammatical clauses seems so fantastical at the start that you hide your terror in a smokescreen of elaborate sentence making . . .”

George Saunders reading from his story “The Semplica Girl Diaries” at the 2013 National Book Awards:

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