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Aug 19

2020 Flash Fiction Contest Shortlist

Drum roll, please… It’s time to announce the 2020 Flash Fiction Contest Shortlist! These 15 stories are now in the hands of Sherrie Flick, who will decide the contest’s three winners. Check back in a month for the results, and wish all the authors on the shortlist good luck! Thank you to every one of our submitters, whose work we were incredibly pleased to read for this year’s flash fiction contest.

Bedtime, Celine Aenlle-Rocha

Heirlooms, Amanda Akers

Glass Birds, Sacha Bissonnette

NSFW, Elise Burke

Fire Season, Vincent Chavez

Bury Me Next To Your Name, Dayna Cobarrubias

A Visiting Poet, Frederica Morgan Davis

Consider the Shape of Your Fist, Leah Dawdy

Red on Yellow, Steph Grossman

Nineteen Eighty-Five, Katherine Hubbard

Choices, Scott Karambis

Dishwasher Hero, Justin MacGregor

A Short History of Missing Girls, Kate McQuestion

Crocodile, Ashleigh Pedersen

On Taking a Nap, Donna Tang

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