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The Masters Review Volume XII

Judged by Toni Jensen.

“Beyond Reproach” by Kristin Burcham
“Good Daughter” by Katherine Cart
“Spider Tim” by Leah Edwards
“An Afternoon at the Edge of the World” by Jenny Hayden Halper
“Model Home” by Ana Kornblum-Laudi
“Young Again” by Will James Limón
“The Swans” by Daniel Monzingo
“Stillborn” by Isabelle Shifrin
“The Wedding Dress” by Dyanne Stempel
“Sow” by Allison Backous Troy

The Masters Review Volume XI

Judged by Peter Ho Davies.

“Funny Not Funny” by Jenna Abrams
“Open Enrollment” by Danielle Claro
“The Tree That Stood Alone in the Desert” by David DeGusta
“Bad Guys” by Patricia García Luján
“Sanctuary” by Tim Griffith
“Walking to Camano” by Clemintine Guirado
“The Dog” by Fredrick Kunkle
“Barely a Sound” by Kathleen Latham
“Hammock” by Ikechukwu Roy Udeh-Ubaka
“Egging” by Sophia Zaklikowski

The Masters Review Volume X

Judged by Diane Cook.

“The Bird Rattle” by Chelsy Diaz Amaya
“Atlas, Bayonet, (War) Correspondence: An Abecedarian” by Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt
“Limbs” by Megan Callahan
“Do Not Duplicate” by John Darcy
“Resurrection” by Hilary Dean
“Comfort Animals” by Travis Eisenbise
“Persimmon” by Elissa C. Huang
“All That Is or Ever Was or Ever Will Be” by Eliana Ramage
“A String of Lapis Beads” by Greg Schutz
“Sugar” by Francis Walsh

The Masters Review Volume IX

Judged by Rick Bass.

“Cicada Summer” by Emma Eun-joo Choi
“Everyday Horror Show” by Paola Ferrante
“Pirating” by Jack Foraker
“Exchanges” by Dara Kell
“Where the Last Grizzly Was Murdered” by Charisse Hovey Kubr
“The God in the Dark” by Leeyee Lim
“Proper Forage” by Barbara Litkowski
“Above Snowline” by Rachel Markels Webber
“Mortal Champions” by Stefani Nellen
“Whitney in the Real World” by Stephanie Pushaw

The Masters Review Volume VIII

Judged by Kate Bernheimer.

“Chlorine” by Kate Bucca
“Face to Face” by Jenna Geisinger
“Quiet Guest” by Dawna Kemper
“Paper Boats” by Lydia Martín
“Electric Guests” by Naïma Msechu
“An English Teacher and an Arab Man Walk Into A Bar” by H. de C.
“June” by V. Efua Prince
“Lida” by Belal Rafiq
“Fear” by Divya Sood
“American Crusader” by Lavanya Vasudevan

The Masters Review Volume VII

Judged by Rebecca Makkai.

“The Process” by Rebekah Bergman
“Rogue Particles” by Laura Demers
“Questions for Anesthesiologists” by Robert Glick
“Little Room” by Carrie Grinstead
“Pilgrimage” by Rebecca Gummere
“Doctor, Doctor, Doctor” by Blair Lee
“Shrove Tuesday” by Jeanne Panfely
“Ghost Print” by Anna Reeser
“The Sand Nests” by Emma Sloley
“The Collectors of Anguish” by Andrea Uptmor

The Masters Review Volume VI

Judged by Roxane Gay.

“Gormley” by Chris Arp
“Steal Away” by Nicole Cuffy
“Confessions of a Lady-In-Waiting” by Rachel Engelman
“Migrations” by Michele Host
“Hope Gold” by Leslie Jones
“A Man Stands Tall” by Gabriel Moseley
“This is an Exercise in Detachment” by Amy Purcell
“Little Men” by Matthew Sullivan
“Speakers of Other Languages” by Maria Thomas
“Out of Our Suffering” by Kasey Thornton

The Masters Review Volume V

Judged by Amy Hempel.

“Hippo Butchery” by Laurie Baker
“The Lindbergh Baby” by Andres Carlstein
“Cough On Me” by Jonathan Durbin
“Alkali Lake” by Katie Young Foster
“Detail” by A. E. Kulze
“Communion” by Jonathan Nehls
“The Pirates of Penance” by Eliza Robertson
“This Road May Flood” by Kari Shemwell
“We Were The Drowners” by Josie Sigler
“Climb On” by Shubha Venugopal

The Masters Review Volume IV

Judged by Kevin Brockmeier.

“Ghost” by CB Anderson
“The Tenshi Project” by Courtney Bird
“Rituals” by Daniel Bullard-Bates
“Berserker” by Megan Clark
“The Continuing Controversy of the Snuggle Shack” by Joe Dornich
“Theft” by Adam Gardner
“The Erratic” by Christina Milletti
“A Creature Comes Home” by HL Nelson
“Someday Soon, You’ll Be On Fire” by Sarah Smith
“Part and Counterpart” by Jennifer Stern

The Masters Review Volume III

Judged by Lev Grossman.

“Braids” by Amanda Pauley
“The Turk” by Andrew MacDonald
“Every Thing You Never Said” by Courtney Kersten
“Someone Else” by Diana Xin
“The Behemoth” by Drew Ciccolo
“Go Down, Diller” by Eric Howerton
“County Maps” by Joe Worthen
“Custody” by Maya Perez
“Electronic Heads” by Meng Jin
“OpFor (Oppositional Force)” by Shane Collins

The Masters Review Volume II

Judged by A.M. Homes.

“Sunshiny Days and Mostly Clear Nights” by Laurie Ann Cedilinik
“Missed” by Traci Cox
“Dancing at the Zoo” by Jennifer Dupree
“Scraping” by Louise Ells
“How to Like Girls” by Courtney Gillette
“Almost Touching, Almost Free” by Dustin M. Hoffman
“The Brackish” by Drew Krepp
“Potomac” by Andrew Payton
“Peaceful Village” by Jane Summer
“Coffee for Dead Children” by Zoe Vandeveer

The Masters Review Volume I

Judged by Lauren Groff.

“Wellspring” by K.M. Ferebee
“Her Dream of Water”
by Fabienne Josaphat
“Coydog” by
Heidi J. Moore
“The Feast of All Souls”
by Monica Macansantos
“Sapere Aude”
by Brendan Park
“The Sticking Place”
by Zana Previti
by Wendy Trimboli Roberts
“In the Time of the Birthing Tree”
by Nada Samih
“A Body in Motion” by Erica Sklar
“The Rites of Summer” by Rachael Warecki


At The Masters Review, our mission is to support emerging writers. We only accept submissions from writers who can benefit from a larger platform: typically, writers without published novels or story collections or with low circulation. We publish fiction and nonfiction online year-round and put out an annual anthology of the ten best emerging writers in the country, judged by an expert in the field. We publish craft essays, interviews and book reviews and hold workshops that connect emerging and established writers.

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