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    Featured Fiction: A Rogue Planet

    Featured Fiction: A Rogue Planet

    In this story, “A Rogue Planet,” a planet with a face has appeared in our solar system. The piece is composed entirely of questions. As the narrator goes on and on about this so-called planet, he begins to poke holes in our assumptions about human knowledge and relationships. This pithy and masterful tale shows us that, though we may think we’re sure of the workings of our world and our minds—we actually have no idea.
    Editors Discuss: The Strange

    Editors Discuss: The Strange

    Here at The Masters Review, we embrace stories of all stripes. But we absolutely love a great work of strange fiction. By “strange” here, we simply mean any story that includes the unreal, that is not based (entirely) in reality as we know it. There is something very powerful about fiction that shows us a world askew. Today, editors Kim Winternheimer and Sadye Teiser discuss the power of strange stories.
    Interview With Kelly Link

    Interview With Kelly Link

    We were lucky enough to interview Pulitzer Prize finalist and beloved short story writer, Kelly Link. In this one-on-one, Link discusses genre conventions, short stories vs. novels, and the use of unreal elements in her stories. "I want to write stories even when I don't like writing them."

    Stories That Teach: “The Rememberer” by Aimee Bender – Discussed by Sadye Teiser

    Stories That Teach: “The Rememberer” by Aimee Bender – Discussed by Sadye Teiser

    On Monday, we heard from author David James Poissant on craft elements he admires in Steven Barthelme’s story “Heaven.” On Wednesday, Masters Review editor Kim Winternheimer took us through the beautifully crafted sentences of Lauren Groff’s “Ghosts and Empties.” Today, editor Sadye Teiser talks about Aimee Bender’s story “The Rememberer” and the lessons it can teach us about writing with authority. “Even for writers who strictly follow the realist tradition, “The Rememberer” is a good lesson in sticking to your…

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    AMY HEMPEL is selecting stories for the fifth volume of our anthology, which announces its finalists in a few short weeks. This printed work is a collection of ten stories and essays, and is distributed nationally, sent to editors and agents across the country, and includes an introduction from Amy Hempel. It is one of our favorite projects each year and serves as a major endorsement for new writers. Our FALL FICTION CONTEST wrapped up late last year, awarding $2000, publication, and a letter from guest judges ANN AND JEFF VANDERMEER to the winner. All three finalists were published to the site. Also, check out or calendar page, which highlights upcoming projects for 2016. It's going to be a great year! Remember, our New Voices submission category is free to submit and pays for stories. It's all part of our mission to offer a quality platform for emerging writers. NEWS: The Masters Review Volume IV with stories selected by Kevin Brockmeier was just recognized as a finalist in the INDIEFAB Awards in both the Short Story and Anthology categories. The winners announce this summer -- stay tuned!
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