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    Literary Terms: Magical Realism, Science Fiction, and Fantasty

    Literary Terms: Magical Realism, Science Fiction, and Fantasty

    We love the way the genres of magical realism, science fiction, and fantasy are working their way into literary fiction. As part of our literary terms series, we identify these genres specifically, highlighting examples of each, what makes them special, and how they are different from one another.
    New Voices:

    New Voices: "Trespassing" by Emily Wortman-Wunder

    In our newest piece of fiction, a family moves to a suburb and buys a home with a creek in the backyard. The kids are more interested in video games and playing indoors than exploring the water, but Julia, the mother, is drawn to the creek. She finds herself more and more curious about her little backyard stream: where the water leads, and where it might take her if she follows it.


    We're thrilled to announce that the third volume of our anthology, The Masters Review Volume III with stories selected by Lev Grossman, was awarded a silver medal for best short story collection by Foreword Reviews and the American Library Association. Other winners include Chuck Palahniuk, Zack Whedon, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Sneak Peek – Volume IV Cover

    Sneak Peek – Volume IV Cover

    The Masters Review Volume IV with stories selected by Kevin Brockmeier is available this fall. Galleys are out and we couldn’t be more excited about bringing this collection into the world. Here’s a sneak peek of the cover, which we’re so taken with. It’s cozy, and haunting, and covered with fur. As covers go, it’s pretty tops. Congratulations again to our Volume IV authors! Table of Contents: Courtney Bird, “The Tenshi Project” Sarah Smith, “Someday Soon, You’ll Be On Fire”…

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    The Masters Review is up to a lot of cool stuff. Our SHORT STORY AWARD FOR NEW WRITERS recently closed and will soon recognize three outstanding stories. OUR ANTHOLOGY, with guest judge KEVIN BROCKMEIER, acknowledges today's best emerging writers and will publish this fall. The anthology is one of our favorite projects each year and acts as a major endorsement for new writers. In addition to publication in a nationally distributed journal, anthology authors are part of an exclusive mailing to editors, agents, and publishers. We also offer a ton of great opportunities for writers. Our New Voices submission category is free to submit and pays for stories. Our ONLINE WORKSHOP allows you to get detailed feedback on your story from an expert in the field and reopens shortly. It's all part of our mission to offer a quality platform for emerging writers.
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