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    February Book Review: The Snow Collectors by Tina May Hall

    February Book Review: The Snow Collectors by Tina May Hall

    Today, Courtney Harler reviews Tina May Hall’s debut novel, The Snow Collectors, out tomorrow from Dzanc Books, which has been described as intoxicating, atmospheric, and eerie in various early reviews of the book. Author of The Physics of Imaginary Objects,…

    New Voices: “Adult Education” by  Laura Maylene Walter

    New Voices: “Adult Education” by Laura Maylene Walter

    Venerites have landed. In Laura Maylene Walter’s “Adult Education,” it becomes the responsibility of her narrator, Miss Tracy, an instructor at the adult education center, to teach these aliens about human culture. Walter navigates the lessons with humor and humanity…

    Fall Fiction Contest Shortlist!

    Fall Fiction Contest Shortlist!

    After much deliberation, our team of editors has narrowed down an impressive pool of submissions to these final stories, which are now in the hands of Anita Felicelli, who has the daunting task of selecting the winner of our 2019…

    New Voices: “Russian Roulette” by Lauren Green

    New Voices: “Russian Roulette” by Lauren Green

    In Lauren Green’s “Russian Roulette,” our newest edition to our New Voices catalog, we meet a narrator on the periphery of sorrow. The first line tells us all we need to know: “The summer of ’93, I learned everything I know about grief from watching the way Barry Colker’s mother dressed herself for work each morning.” Green’s prose is gripping and sharp, as the narrator enables Barry’s destructive mourning. Read on. “Sometimes I shut my eyes when I’m driving,” he…

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    Submissions to our Anthology, The Masters Review Volume IX, are now open through March 29th. This year's contest is judged by Rick Bass, who will be selecting to 10 finalists from a shortlist of 30 submissions. $5000 is awarded between the 10 winning writers. Be sure to check out or calendar page, which highlights more upcoming projects, and remember, our New Voices submission category is free to submit and pays for stories. It's all part of our mission to offer a quality platform for emerging writers.
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