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Recipient of a 2015 Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship

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    New Voices:  “Some People Belong Inside” by Shannon Peavey

    New Voices: “Some People Belong Inside” by Shannon Peavey

    Check out our newest piece of original fiction "Some People Belong Inside" by Shannon Peavey. This story takes place in a surreal prison where inmates have been incarcerated for turning their children into trees, for stealing identities by literally turning into other people, and other unspeakable acts. Enjoy!
    INDIE FAB Award Finalist

    INDIE FAB Award Finalist

    We're thrilled to announce that in addition to a 2015 Literary Arts Fellowship, The Masters Review is also a finalist for the INDIE FAB awards. Our third volume is recognized for outstanding writing in both the short story and anthology categories. Congratulations our amazing staff, judge, and the writers featured. This one is all you!
    Anthology Submissions

    Anthology Submissions

    Submissions to The Masters Review Volume IV with stories selected by Kevin Brockmeier are currently closed. This anthology is a showcase of today's best emerging writers. An announcement of shortlisted writers will be made at the end of the month. Thank you to everyone who submitted!

    Author Interview – “Electronic Heads” by Meng Jin

    Author Interview – “Electronic Heads” by Meng Jin

    With the shortlist for our  fourth volume announcing at the end of the month, we are happy to bring you the last in our series of interviews with volume three authors. Meng Jin’s “Electronic Heads” is an excerpt from her novel-in-progress and stands alone beautifully. It is at once surprising, dense, and highly readable. “On May 20, 1989, four weeks before Feng was due to be born, his mother Xiao Lin checked into the hospital, complaining of labor pains and…

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    Fiction. Essays. Edits. Experts.

    The Masters Review is up to a lot of cool stuff. SUBMISSIONS FOR OUR ANTHOLOGY recently closed, and an announcement regarding shortlisted authors will be made soon. This year's guest judge is author KEVIN BROCKMEIER, who will select the winning authors for publication. The anthology is one of our favorite projects each year and acts as a major endorsement for new writers. In addition to publication in a nationally distributed journal, anthology authors are part of an exclusive mailing to editors, agents, and publishers. We also offer a ton of great opportunities for writers. Our New Voices submission category is free to submit and pays for stories. Our ONLINE WORKSHOP allows you to get detailed feedback on your story from an expert in the field and is currently instructed by ANNE VALENTE. It's all part of our mission to offer a quality platform for emerging writers.
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