2021: A Year in Review

December 22, 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, we want to look back on the incredible work we had the fortune to publish this year. Some of my all-time favorite TMR stories came through our submissions queue this year, and I am so thankful that I’m in this position, able to read the great work before we have the opportunity to share with the world. Thank you to all of our lovely submitters for a great 2021, and treat yourself this holiday to a few of the stories below!

Master Guns by Kyle Seibel (January 2021)

The Analyst by Jennifer Marquardt (January 2021)

Hungry Souls by Andrea Gregory (January 2021)

Sing Me a Happy Song by Tara Isabel Zambrano (January 2021)

On the Verge by Andrea Malin (February 2021)

47 by Shereen Akhtar (February 2021)

Gone Already by Kendra Y. Mims-Applewhite (February 2021)

Petrified by Clare Howdle (February 2021)

Como La Flor by Dayna Cobarrubias (March 2021 – Summer Short Story Award Winner!)

Matchbox by Nancy Ludmerer (March 2021 – Summer Short Story Award Winner!)

Burning by Adeline Lovell (March 2021 – Summer Short Story Award Winner!)

Early Roman Kings by Rocco DeBonis (March 2021)

Smith by Rob Franklin (April 2021)

Rip Your Throat Out by Will Ejzak (April 2021)

Inheritance by Mary Mandeville (April 2021)

Paper Fan by Dinah Cox (April 2021)

Pearl by Kwan Ann Tan (May 2021)

Isabel by Rachel Duboff (May 2021)

The Rounds at Blanding by Tom Sokolowski (May 2021)

Maria Makiling Off the Mountain by Anna Cabe (May 2021)

The Men by Hayley Boyd (May 2021)

Fight, Bag, Option, Run by Jiaming Tang (June 2021)

What Made You This Way by Enyinna Nnabuihe (June 2021)

A Taste of the Silence by Ajay Kumar Nair (June 2021)

Husband, Lover, He by Shastri Akella (June 2021)

Psalms of a Charred Summer by Monica Brashears (July 2021)

Celestial Navigation by Heather Marshall (July 2021)

You’re Not the Only One by William Hawkins (July 2021 – Winter Short Story Award Winner!)

Collection of the Artist by Corey Flintoff (August 2021 – Winter Short Story Award Winner!)

Straight to My Heart by Dean Jamieson (August 2021 – Winter Short Story Award Winner!)

Trick by Vanessa Chan (August 2021)

Masterplans by Nick Almeida (August 2021 – 2020 Chapbook Winner Preview!)

Lucky Elephant by Lynn Mundell (September 2021)

Jackpot by Mike Nees (September 2021)

My Life Partner by Jack Cubria (October 2021)

Imagine This, Thaddeus by Brad Aaron Modlin (October 2021)

Peer Melvin by Lily Meyer (October 2021)

Everywhere, All at Once by Emily Roth (October 2021)

How to Develop (Film) by Candice May (October 2021 – Flash Fiction Contest Winner!)

Play That Again by John Glowney (November 2021 – Flash Fiction Contest Winner!)

Agora é Sempre by Tanya Perks (November 2021 – Flash Fiction Contest Winner!)

Humboldt Park Blues by Randy William Santiago (November 2021)

Aprovecha by Mason Boyles (December 2021)

A Banana by Taylor Craven (December 2021)


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