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Sep 8

2021 Flash Fiction Contest Shortlist

We’re thrilled to present the shortlist for this year’s Flash Fiction Contest shortlist! It was truly difficult narrowing our selections down to just fifteen stories, but we managed. Stuart Dybek will now have the even more challenging job of picking out the three winning pieces from this group. Thanks once again to all of our submitters, and congratulations to those on the shortlist!

Cracked by Tiegst Ameha

Lake George by Samantha Burns

A Banana by Taylor Craven

Birds x Bees by Katharine Duckett

The Other Drummer by Jeff Ewing

Exoticolalia by C.D. Frelinghuysen

Play That Again by John Glowney

One Hundred Babies in One Hundred Boxes by Susanna Goldfinger

Catching Light by Charlotte Gross

How to Develop (Film) by Candice May

Agora é Sempre by Tanya Perkins

Everywhere, All at Once by Emily Roth

Five Moments of Perfect Certainty by Morgan Thomas

CITROËN by Cameron Quincy Todd

Grief for a Homeboy by Norman Antonio Zelaya

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