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Apr 26

2021 Novel Excerpt Contest Shortlist

Drumroll, please… The 2021 Novel Excerpt Shortlist is (finally) here! We are thrilled to share this list with our readers, and we are so proud to share these submissions with our guest judge Dan Chaon, who will have a tremendously difficult decision ahead. Thank you for everyone’s patience throughout this extended reading process—when you read the finalists, you’ll know it was worth the wait!

“Viscera” by Jason Bowman

“Proof of a Kill 1973” by Zeeva Bukai

“The Same Country” by Carole Burns

“Hakuri” by Jessica Cavero

“The Shapes You Leave Behind” by Hasret Eleby

“SUGARING OFF” by Margaret Guilbert

Excerpt from Minor Chord: “Happy Enough” by Micah Lau

“Take Warning: The Ballad of Sammy Slug” by Glenn Lester

“The Death of Daniel Darling” by Zachary Leven

“Souvenir” by Lily Lloyd Burkhalter

“The Slapjack (excerpt – chapters five, six, seven)” by Alan Sincic

“Red State” by Allie Torgan

“Excerpt from Quick Bright Things” by Jane Wageman

“SHADOW OF A FOX’S TAIL” by Josh Wagner

“Waking Up” by Connor White

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