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Aug 23

2022 Flash Fiction Contest Shortlist

We are proud to share the fifteen stories selected by our editorial team for this year’s Flash Fiction Contest shortlist. These pieces are now off to Kim Chinquee, our guest judge, who will pick the winning three stories. Thank you to all of our terrific submitters for your continued support. Our flash contest is one of our favorites, and this year’s submissions did not disappoint! Check back near the end of September for the winners, and congratulations to those on our shortlist!

The Poet, Her Bergère by dm Armstrong

My Sister Versus Tomatoes by Kate Barss

Love Letter in Black by C. Adán Cabrera

Near Wolves Running by Salvatore Difalco

New Moon by Sara Maria Greene

How You Sleep at Night by Lucinda Holt

Sealskin by Haley Kennedy

Unni by Sena Moon

Absolution by Kathryn Phelan

Out, Brief Candle by Hannah Roberts

Survival Training by Michelle Ross

It’s Been So Long by Charlotte Simmonds

Keys by Rudy Thauberger

Blood by Keith Wilson

The Physiology of Arriving by Michele Wong

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