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Mar 29

2022 Novel Excerpt Contest Shortlist!

Drumroll, please… Our editorial team has (finally) narrowed down our expansive Novel Excerpt Contest submission pool to these final fifteen, who are now being read and considered by our guest judge, Charmaine Craig. The winning three excerpts will be announced by the end of April. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of your terrific submissions, and congratulations to the final fifteen!

Crybaby by Mariah Adcox

The Torch Bearer by Emilie Pascale Beck

Life Hack by Patricia Callahan

Armored Saints by Shayla Frandsen

After We Drowned by Jill Yonit Goldberg

Adults Are Also Afraid of the Dark by Jenny Halper

The Blood Hustle by Alice Hatcher

Small Town Echoes of Metallic Minds by David Hudacek

Calling Out by Robyn Jefferson

PURVS by Svetlana Kitto

Copycat by Susan Sanford Blades

Our Aunt of the West by Basia Winograd

Salt for a Dog by Arturo Vidich

Negatives by Cassandra Verhaegen

Play Rewind by John Vurro


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