2023 Spring Small Fiction Awards Shortlist!

September 9, 2023

For the first time, this year, our contest devoted to the short short was split into three specific categories: micro, flash, and sudden fiction. You all sent in your best and without further delay, we are ready to announce the final ten small fictions in each of our three categories! K-Ming Chang will be selecting a winner and a runner-up in each category, with the winners receiving a $1,000 cash prize along with publication. Congratulations to all authors represented on our shortlist, and thank you to every single one of our terrific submitters! Stay tuned for the winners next month.


Cinderella at the Podiatrist by Margaret Adams

Naz 8 Cinemas by Aliza Ali Khan

Sandbox by Colin Bonini

Abdomen by Allison Field Bell

Wedding Present by David Fowler

Non Sequitur by Elizabeth Fay Furlong

Avoidance by Ariel Katz

For the Birds by Ariya Kelly

Fire on Felsham Road by Kathryn Phelan

Forest of Stone by Matthew Torralba Andrews


Flash Fiction

The Good Daddies by Gianna Gaetano

Was Jesus a Socialist? by Jenny Hayden Halper

Hotel Elefant by Emil Jarczynski

Whale Song by Jeff Martin

Lizard Dreams by Sue McMillan

The Peach Keeper by Sonia Moses

Hatching Moths by Emily Pegg

Fuse by Alan Sincic

Rules Keep You Safe by Dawn Tasaka Steffler



Sudden Fiction

Nectar by Kerry Anderson

Seven Sol Cycles by Samantha Bolf

SMOOTHING by Hayden Casey

Immaculate by Susanna Cupido

I Play One on TV by Carrie Grinstead

Teeth Like God’s Shoeshine by Ryan Habermeyer

How to be an Atomic Wife by Sarah Hassan

The Ravine by Sophie Holdstock

A Portrait of the Lobotomist as a Young Man by S.B. Kleinman

Glamour by Marcus Rosen


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