5 Book Blogs You Must Follow

November 14, 2013

 Attention book lovers and writers alike. If you’re a fiction fanatic, here are five book blogs you must follow. They’re always reliable, always entertaining, and never let you down. From writing advice, to inspirational tips, to recommended reading, a tour of these top five is sure to satiate whatever book needs are ailing you.flavorwire-sdff4dc332d

 The popular Flavorwire pretty much does everything right. Monthly recommended reading lists, pictures of the world’s most beautiful libraries, best author photos, and news on current events in publishing, means there’s always something worthwhile to enjoy on this blog. With frequently updated content, Flavorwire is the perfect way to spend a cup of tea, lunch break, or… lets be honest, spend time procrastinating. Film, Art, Television, and Design also populate the blog.


BrainPickings Weekly is a newsletter delivering not just writing-related content but excellent fodder for your brain via email every Sunday. With posts like The Daily Routines of Famous Writers or Which 9 Books Will Help you Write Better, or even, Albert Camus’ Views on Happiness and How Our Intuition Can Fail Us, you will be a better, smarter person for indulging.


The Book Riot motto is: Always Books, Never Boring; and frankly, we agree. The way they put it, “Book Riot is dedicated to the idea that writing about books and reading should be just as diverse as books and readers are.” This blog posts interesting content and is full of fresh perspectives. Reports on current literary trends and an open debate on book blurbs, are just a few of the ways this blog will endlessly entertain you.


Does anyone not listen to the New Yorker Fiction Podcast? If you are this person, then run — not walk, and immediately delve into the endlessly wonderful world of New Yorker published authors reading fiction from the magazines’ archive. As if it wasn’t great enough hearing Tobias Wolff read Stephanie Vaughn, for example, listeners can enjoy the added pleasure of hearing a discussion on the story afterward. This podcast is a great way to hear some truly talented storytelling and to dip behind the scenes with discussions on craft, style, and writing. It’s also a great way to discover new authors. Suggestion: download them all!

Bibliophile Tumblr

This tumblr account is the perfect visual for book lovers. Scroll through humor, inspiration, and just straight-up-good book posts until your eyes bleed. For a little taste of the action, see below. Follow Bibliophile, here.



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