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Jul 21

Author Update: Publications and Awards

Every so often we like to acknowledge the work of past authors. Here are three anthology authors, each from a different volume, with upcoming work and recent awards.

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Dustin M. Hoffman – Winner of The Prairie Schooner Book Prize
Dustin’s novel One-Hundred Knuckled Fist will be awarded $3000 and published by the University of Nebraska Press. His story “Almost Touching, Almost Free” was published in The Masters Review Volume II with stories selected by AM Homes. His work has also appeared in Smokelong Quarterly, Bat City Review, Midwestern Gothic, Juked,¬†Cimarron Review,¬†The Journal, and Threepenny Review. Congratulations, Dustin!

Fabienne Josephat – Forthcoming Novel
Fabienne’s story, “Her Dream of Water” was published in our first anthology with stories selected by Lauren Groff. Her novel, Dancing in the Baron’s Shadow is forthcoming in February 2016 by Unnamed Press. The novel examines power’s tendency to corrupt, the impulse of nationalistic pride, and above all, the human desire to survive, while describing in rigorous detail the shocking realities of life in the Baron’s shadow. Don’t forget to pre-order this fantastic debut!

Drew Ciccolo – Publication in Tin House, Winter 2015
Drew’s story, “The Behemoth” was published in The Masters Review Volume III with stories selected by Lev Grossman. Grossman said of Ciccolo’s writing: “You could power a small city with that tension.” His new fiction, “The Leash,” is forthcoming in Tin House’s Winter 2015 issue. This story is about an adult son who puts his father, who is sort of a troublemaker, on a leash. An actual leash — he gets it at a pet supply store. Read the full story when the issue is released later this year.

Congratulations to our very talented authors! Read their Masters Review stories by visiting the shop, here.

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