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Feb 11

Book Review: Ugly Girls

Today, we are pleased to review Lindsay Hunter’s  Ugly Girls. This dark debut novel about the friendship between two very different teenage girls is a recommended spring read. Kim Winternheimer writes: “Hunter’s characters are aware of their flaws and helpless against them, reacting to this awareness with bad and sometimes dangerous behavior, as if they are hoping to shock the situation out of being itself.” Trust us, it’s a page-turner.

UGLY GIRLSUgly Girls by Lindsay Hunter was released in November, but readers should consider this late 2014 title a spring-reading essential. Hunter’s debut novel follows best friends Perry and Baby Girl as they navigate the tricky landscape of adolescence. Perry’s mother is an alcoholic who spends her days nursing hangovers in the trailer park where they live, too often missing work and endangering her marriage to Perry’s stepfather, a decent man and local prison guard. Baby Girl lives with her uncle and brain-damaged older brother, who was once a popular neighborhood bad boy. Ugly Girls tracks the girls through a complicated friendship: they steal cars, skip school, and sneak out at night, testing the boundaries of the barely-there rules imposed on them, and the degree to which they care about themselves and each other.

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