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September 21, 2016

Whether you’re heading back to school in the fall or just want to boost your creativity, check out this list of handy accessories for your writing life.


The Masters Review Literary Calendar

If you want to keep yourself motivated going into fall, keep an eye on our literary calendar. This free download lists major contests and deadlines, and is the perfect way to stay motivated for submitting! Curious what’s coming up? Zoetrope, Missouri Review, and Story Quarterly all have Fiction Prizes with deadlines in early October. Download the calendar here.

The Grammarly App

Do grammar rules befuddle you daily? Would a built-in proofreader could save you time when you’re writing? Grammarly goes beyond standard spell-check to correct more subtle errors (and explain the rules so you’ll get it right next time). Grammar might be a pain, but it is essential for the savvy writer. Learn more about Grammarly here.

The Writer’s Devotional

This is a fantastic find for any writer. It provides inspiring offerings for every day of the year, from tips to quotes and profiles from famous writers, to writing prompts and book recommendations. It’s a must for someone trying to be more disciplined with their writing, or for the writer trying to overcome writer’s block (more on that later). Purchase The Writer’s Devotional here.

A Litograph

Have you ever wanted to wear a book? Or stow things in one? Or even hang one on your wall? With a Litograph you can enjoy your favorite texts beautifully designed and printed on t-shirts, tote bags, posters, and more. From your favorite classics — think titles by Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway — to contemporary titles, Litograph has something for everyone. Our favorite? The Princess Bride and The Last Unicorn, both on the bestsellers list. Check out Litograph’s beautiful offerings here.

The Chicago Manual of Style Online

If you’ve ever struggled with editorial style and the finer points of formatting, The Chicago Manual of Style is here to save the day. Now with an online version, this invaluable resource provides a wealth of tools for answering tricky copyediting questions that can’t be answered elsewhere. Added bonus? Their monthly Q&A. Find out more about The Chicago Manual subscriptions here.

This Informative Mug

According to this mug, a writer is defined as a peculiar organism capable of transforming caffeine into books. If that sounds like you, this may be the perfect caffeine-container to accompany your creative sessions. Purchase it here. (A great gift for the writer in your life!)

A Peter Pauper Press Journal

The perfect notebook can make all the difference for a dedicated writer. Peter Pauper Press has a broad selection of quality journals: small volumes with colorful prints, replica hardcovers of ancient texts, simple and straightforward options, and more. You can view available Peter Pauper Press styles and selections, here.

The Brainstormer App

If you’ve needed a kick-start in creativity, the Brainstormer app might just do the trick. With the flick of a finger you can randomly combine plot, subject, and setting. Add-ons include Character Builder, World Builder, and Sci-fi Brainstormer. And because it’s an app, you can plan out your next bestseller right in the palm of your hand. Check out Brainstormer here.

A Writer’s Block

If your creative juices have truly stalled, give yourself permission to revitalize with this literal writer’s block. Use it as a paperweight, customize inspirational messages to yourself, or just enjoy adding this keepsake to your paraphernalia. In any case, it’s worth the jump in the link. Learn more here.

by Lauren Klepinger


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