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Mar 15

Highlight: Editorial Letter Option

Did you know The Masters Review offers in-depth feedback from our trusted readers and editors? In addition to our Summer Workshop, the editorial letter option is offered as an add-on submission fee for New Voices submissions as well as all of our contests.

If you’ve ever wanted to know why a particular submission isn’t a good fit for The Masters Review, or you’re looking for advice on what could be improved in your story or essay, this may be the option for you! Editorial Letters are written by our trusted editors, detailing what they found compelling about your submission, and specific areas they think could be improved. We’ll also include a list of other excellent journals you might consider submitting your revised piece to, curated specifically to match your audience and aesthetic.

If you’re curious what one of these editorial letters looks like, we’ve published an example letter written for a flash fiction submission here.┬áThe Editorial Letter add-on option is available for our New Voices submissions, as well as all of our contests, including submissions for our Anthology IX, judged by Rick Bass, which closes on March 29th, just two weeks from now! Simply select the Editorial Letter Option Add-on during the submission process, and we’ll send our in-depth feedback in 12-16 weeks.


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