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The Masters Review Novel Workshop

//Registrations closed//

Registrations for the Novel Workshop are closed!

Expert advice from the comforts of home.

This remote, asynchronous workshop is open to all writers and is an excellent way to improve your novel. Please submit only the first 50 pages and include a cover letter describing your project.

Your cover letter should include a brief introduction to your story, where you have submitted or hope to submit in the future, and any specific feedback you’re looking for, as well as challenges you’re having.

When your submission is uploaded you will receive registration confirmation. Manuscripts will be processed in the order they are received. Please give our agent and editor partners 8-10 weeks to return their feedback.

To keep with all ethical guidelines recommended by the Association of American Literary Agents, our agent partners will receive works without any identifying information of the writer.

Registration cost is $497.

Guest Editors

Colleen Alles is an award-winning writer living in West Michigan. Her debut full-length poetry collection, After the 8-Ball, is available through Cornerstone Press. Master of Arts, her second novel, is forthcoming this June. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous places, and she is a contributing editor (short fiction) at Barren Magazine. Colleen is a graduate of Michigan State University (BA) and Wayne State University (MS). When she isn’t reading or writing, Colleen enjoys distance running and spending time with her family, including a well-loved hound, Charlie. You can find her online at, on Instagram at ColleenAlles_author, and on Twitter at @ColleenAlles.

Yvonne C. Garrett holds an MFA-Fiction (The New School), an MLIS (Palmer), two MAs (NYU), and a Ph.D. with a dissertation focused on women in Punk. She’s been published in a wide array of journals & magazines. Senior Fiction Editor at Black Lawrence Press, she also edits the weekly publishing newsletter Sapling.

Tess Weitzner graduated from Middlebury College with a B.A. in English and American Literature, concentrating in creative writing and minoring in Spanish. Previously, Tess interned at Henry Holt, The New England Review, Roaring Brook Press, and O/R Books, and was an archive research assistant for the author and journalist Charles Glass. At Trident Media Group, she assists CEO Dan Strone. Tess is also excitedly building her own list of authors. She is primarily drawn to literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, horror, and middle grade, and especially that which is rooted in unreliable narrators, magical realism, interrogations of power and violence, reclamations of identity, and dark-as-night humor.

Participants receive:
  • an editorial letter from your agent or editor with specific suggestions and developmental analysis that will help elevate your novel to the next level
  • PDF of materials including craft essays from The Masters Review, editorial notes on what we see from the slush pile, information on submission strategies, and additional advice on submitting
  • PDF of a self-guided learning curriculum on fiction and novel writing, featuring workbooks uniquely built by our team around such foundational texts as Naming The World edited by Bret Anthony Johnston, The Emotional Craft of Fiction by Donald Maass, Writing Fiction by Janet Burroway, and Save the Cat Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody
  • free submission in an upcoming Masters Review contest
  • an archived copy of The Masters Review anthology
  • Writers will receive feedback no later than July 30. Early submissions may yield earlier feedback.

We accept works of fiction, the first 50 pages or fewer of your novel. All genres and all styles are welcome. Please submit a single manuscript per submission. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. If you submit your manuscript after reserving your spot, you will need to request to open your submission by e-mailing us at contact [at] We’ll grant you access, and then you can upload your piece.


Praise For Past TMR Workshops:

“I workshopped two stories with you/The Masters Review last year, and I wanted to let you know that revised versions of those stories helped me earn an acceptance to the University of Arizona, where I’ll be an MFA candidate in fiction this fall. Thank you so much for your feedback and for running such a wonderfully supportive publication and platform for emerging writers. ” Josh, Summer Workshop

“I found the comments made by Adeena Reitberger regarding my story to be hugely helpful. Once again I am very pleased with your summer workshop.” Abby, Summer Workshop

“Thank you so much for the feedback letter plus manuscript markups. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I can’t remember ever having an editor look at my work and so clearly understand what I’ve tried to convey on the page. I had the immediate sense that Nate had truly given my story a thorough read, making his compliments feel sincere and suggestions for improvement feel well worth considering from start to finish.” Royce, Summer Workshop

“Adeena’s comments are both incisive and insightful. It is one of the best critiques I have ever received, and it will serve as my guide when I revise. I agree completely with what she said.” John, Summer Workshop

“You’ve done it again, everyone! What a brilliant workshop! Thank you so much for the incredible opportunity to work with you and Adeena Reitberger. I can put each of her comments to work immediately (even the compliments I guess I fished for, ha-ha!, as mood boosters), read/re-read the stories/writers she’s recommended, and order samples of the journals she’s recommended as a fit for my story so I can sniff them out—the prospects of which has got me doing a jig in the living room (try not to picture someone more jiggle than jig), and excited about my next editing move with my story (dip or dive?—but not abandon, hallelujah!)… True brilliance!” Meredith, Summer Workshop

“I wanted to thank you for passing along Lauren’s feedback on my story. I thought her comments were concise and specific, and I appreciated her efforts to excavate what’s at the core of the story I’m trying to tell. I have some work ahead of me, for sure, but that’s a good thing. I agree with Lauren’s assessment of where the piece is falling short, I have a clear path to revision, and I’m overall very grateful for her astute observations and careful attention. Many thanks again!” Nicole, Summer Workshop

“I would like to thank Michelle Wildgen for her very helpful comments. She made the effort to understand what I was attempting to do with my short story, and pointed out quite clearly where it fell short and how it could be improved. Her feedback was professional, specific, and, to my great appreciation, positive. I am eager to get back to work.” Gary, Summer Workshop