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Oct 1


cat and hallowen

In October, The Masters Review loves to celebrate the scary, the strange, the horrific, and the disturbing in fiction. Stories have long been vessels for all of the above, and we think it’s only right to spend a month examining fiction’s ability to freak the reader out. We will kick the month off with an essay on the uncanny in fiction by Marjorie Sandor. We have a roundup of original, chilling stories and essays planned, including contributions from Adrian Van Young and Megan Giddings. Stay tuned for ghost stories, meditations on the weird, and investigations of the strange. We hope that this lineup will provide inspiration for our Fall Fiction Contest, judged by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer—masters of the unsettling narrative. The madness begins on Monday. If you just can’t wait until then, check out some highlights from last year’s Scary Story Showcase.

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