Reading is Sexy: Accessories for Writers

July 29, 2013

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1. “Is there is no way out of the mind?” Sylvia Plath Quote Poster. These literary art prints brought to you by Etsy store Obvious State make the perfect office accessory for the at-work writer.

2. This Stainless Steel Desk Timer is essential for any writer’s desk, especially for those practicing the Pomodoro Technique, a popular time-management practice where writers work in 25-minute increments in order to increase productivity.

3. Laptop covers are the perfect way to keep a brooding writer’s Mac or PC safe from the elements when traveling from coffee shop to coffee shop. We like this felt laptop handbag from Etsy.

4. There are many apps for readers and writers, the popular Goodreads among them. Follow this link to a comprehensive list of many more downloadable apps for your iPhone or Android.

5. Any good writer is a prolific reader as well. Keep track of your book lending when friends ask to borrow with Mod Cloth’s At-Home Library Kit.

6. Writers are always looking for new ways to push their craft. Scrivener, brought to you by Literature and Latte, is a popular content-generating tool that allows writers to organize long and difficult documents. Scrivener has seen a boost in popularity among writers who find its organizational tools helpful not only in producing first drafts, but also within the editing process. Available for a 30-day free download.


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