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Aug 6

Workspaces of Seven Famous Writers

writersofficeA writer’s workspace has always fascinated us. How does the space around a creative person inform or impact a work? Does it? What does it say about that person? There are a million ways to guess, but we might not ever know the answer. Here, we give you seven workspaces of highly prolific writers.

What does yours look like?  Let us know! #writersoffice

Truman Capote

capote at homeimage credit: flavorwire

 E.B. White

enhanced-buzz-3976-1366042045-0image credit:

Roald Dahl

enhanced-buzz-19542-1366045344-9image credit:

Tennessee Williams

screen-shot-2011-04-01-at-9-23-52-pmimage credit: flavorwire


tumblr_ljz19xftvo1qbhnp2o1_1280image credit: literarylovers

Alison Bechdel

bechdelimage credit: Glen Russell

Edward Gorey (with cats)

goreyimage credit: flavorwire

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