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Aug 21

Shortlist — 2019 Flash Fiction Contest

Please help us in congratulating the authors selected for our 2019 Flash Fiction Contest shortlist! The Masters Review editors selected these 15 pieces from over 2,000 submissions. We now await the decision from guest judge Kathy Fish — the finalists will each earn a spot in her Fast Flash workshop, in addition to the cash prizes! Thank you to all of our wonderful submitters. We greatly enjoyed reading your work.

The Basement Beneath the Basement, Dale Gregory Anderson

Box of Ghosts, Joy Baglio

Right Before We Fall Apart, Elizabeth Crowder

Some Meaning—, Leonora Desar

The Remains, Felicity Fenton

When the Bank Took Our House Back, Jay Jarrett-Morales

Observation Tube, McMurdo Station, Antarctica, Justin Hermann

Simple Physics, Kevin Leahy

There, I Said It, Tori Malcangio

The Drive, Dalton Monk

Blood in the Mouth, Melanie Moyer

Homecoming, Kathryn Phelan

You Two, Alana Reynolds

Caregiving, Corinna Vallianatos

Shall We Dance, Lavanya Vasudevan

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