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Jul 27

Sneak Peek – Volume IV Cover

The Masters Review Volume IV with stories selected by Kevin Brockmeier is available this fall. Galleys are out and we couldn’t be more excited about bringing this collection into the world. Here’s a sneak peek of the cover, which we’re so taken with. It’s cozy, and haunting, and covered with fur. As covers go, it’s pretty tops. Congratulations again to our Volume IV authors!

Cover singleTable of Contents:

  • Courtney Bird, “The Tenshi Project”
  • Sarah Smith, “Someday Soon, You’ll Be On Fire”
  • Adam Gardner, “Theft”
  • Megan Clark, “Berserker”
  • Christina Milletti, “The Erratic”
  • CB Anderson, “Ghost”
  • HL Nelson, “A Creature Comes Home”
  • Joe Dornich, “The Continuing Controversy of the Snuggle Shack” 
  • Daniel Bullard-Bates, “Rituals”
  • Jennifer Stern, “Part and Counterpart”

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