“Stay” by Zachary Amendt – Now Available

July 22, 2014

51sjX+QNcGLIf you’re a regular reader of The Masters Review, you may remember a story we published in March: “Stay” by Zachary Amendt. The piece explores the relationship between married couple Marti and Aldo, as it centers on Marti’s inherited baseball collectables. We watch as the relationship is tested and eventually fails — but not without a well-earned dramatic ending involving a wildfire. We loved the piece because of Amendt’s incisive character work, flair for the use of artifact, and careful phrasing, all of which added up to a powerful story. Well, we’re excited to say that “Stay” is the title story in Amendt’s new collection, available from Montag Press, and the other eight stories included live up to its high standard.

The collection is focused around San Francisco’s East Bay, and the people who live and love and fight and struggle there. There’s something about the American mythos that makes baseball very poignant, even if you’ve never set foot in a ballpark.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.43.56 AMWe’ve covered the book on our reviews page, and encourage each of you to check it out and support this truly great writer. We also wanted to take the opportunity to applaud Montag for their work on this collection. Here is a picture of the table of contents, a clear nod to the baseball themes that permeate the book. We love special touches like this and are so pleased to see this book receive so much love and caring from such a wonderful indie press.

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To purchase the book, click here.

To read “Stay”, click here.


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