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The Masters Review Summer Workshop aims to connect emerging writers with experts in the field. This workshop will help authors get stories and essays publication ready before many literary magazines reopen submissions in the fall. By pairing each student with an experienced instructor, we hope to give participants not only thorough edits on a specific piece, but also ideas about how to continue to build a career as an author.

Editorial Letter

We ask instructors to write each author a one-page letter with developmental edits, and have a general template for your use. Please add to it however you like: insert comments, add a personalized note, etc. The Masters Review staff will conduct line edits on stories, offer guidance on the submitting process, and facilitate the workshop. We simply pass along the manuscripts when they are ready to be edited.


We will have the stories you will be editing to you no later than August 15, 2014, and they are due back to us by September 1, 2014. Registration for the workshop begins on July 1, 2014, so as registration spots begin to fill we will send editors stories.


We are accepting works of fiction and creative nonfiction up to twenty-five double-spaced pages, or 6,250 words. You will be paired with workshop students who request you as an instructor on a first come, first served basis.


Instructors will make between $75 (early registration) and $87.50 (regular registration) per story. We ask each instructor to commit to editing four stories minimum. Of course, the number of stories each instructor is assigned will depend on the amount of students enrolled. Instructors will also dictate the maximum number of students they are willing to edit.

Instructors who are willing to share workshop information and aid in our marketing effort will be paid $105 (early registration) and $122.50 (regular registration) per story.

“Willing to share our workshop information” is defined as: a minimum of fourteen tweets and facebook posts from the time registration is open (July 1) through registration close (August 15). This equates to a twice-weekly promotional effort for the 7-week registration period. If an instructor is not active through social media, we would be happy to discuss other ways in which they can help promote our cause.


Payment will be distributed on September 1, 2014, when the stories are returned. Instructors and The Masters Review will sign an agreement to the terms outlined above.

Questions? Concerns? If so, please email:


At The Masters Review, our mission is to support emerging writers. We only accept submissions from writers who can benefit from a larger platform: typically, writers without published novels or story collections or with low circulation. We publish fiction and nonfiction online year-round and put out an annual anthology of the ten best emerging writers in the country, judged by an expert in the field. We publish craft essays, interviews and book reviews and hold workshops that connect emerging and established writers.

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