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Apr 28

The Best of the Net Anthology is Live!

botnCongratulations again to Masters Review author Megan Giddings, whose story “The Brothers WHAM!” was chosen for publication alongside only six other stories for Sundress Publication’s The Best of the Net in fiction. The full list of finalists in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, culled from hundreds of participating journals, can be found here:

In his letter to readers, Editor Darren C. Demaree had this to say:

“The pieces that were nominated and included in the Best of the Net this past year were innovative, passionate, and at certain points jaw-dropping. What might have been most stirring to me were the challenges that these works undertook—gender, sexual orientation, politics, the home construct, language creation and language barriers. All of these things were approached with an ecstatic touch. There was real adrenaline in the work that I read, and even if it all wasn’t flawless, there was enough of a current that I would find myself writing pieces that answered or joined the discussion. Mine is the ultimate position for a literature fanboy, and I feel privileged I got to spend the time I did with so many new and growing voices. Last year’s work held real brilliance, and I’m excited to share what I believe to be an excellent representation of that in this year’s Best of the Net Anthology.”

Congratulations to Megan and to all the writers and journals selected!

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