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Apr 12

The Masters Review Profiled in The Writer!

Last month, our founding editor Kim Winternheimer spoke with The Writer‘s Melissa Hart about the founding of The Masters Review and offered some advice for potential submitters. Take a look at the conversation to learn a little more about the kind of work we’re looking for in submissions.

“I sometimes think people don’t realize how close they are to the finish line. We have limited space, and it’s always heartbreaking to reject a strong piece. People give up too soon.”

If you’ve ever wondered how we got our start, wonder no longer. Kim discusses the journal’s beginnings, highlights a few catalog favorites (“Red” by Katie Knoll and “Night Beast” by Ruth Joffre) and emphasizes the importance of tenacity in submitting. We want to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to The Writer for shining a spotlight on The Masters Review!

You can read the profile in full here.

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