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Aug 21

The Masters Review Volume III – Available for Preorder!

cover_vol 3We’re thrilled to announce our anthology, The Masters Review Volume III with Stories Selected by Lev Grossman, is now available for preorder! This year we had the pleasure of working with Time magazine book critic and New York Times bestselling author Lev Grossman, who selected ten stories for a collection he describes as: “frightening, funny, sexy, restless, strange, and frequently melancholy…”

A giant falls out of the sky, a mother takes her son on an African safari, a soldier departing for war can’t stop buying things, and a single father tracks down a talking bear at the burger joint down the street. It’s all here, and it’s all fantastic.

Congratulations to our ten wonderful authors!

Preordered copies are $9.99 and will ship on October 1, 2014.


What these stories have in common is that they do what good writing has always done, and will always do, which is to console. There’s a great line in Courtney Kersten’s “A Language Translatable by No One” that’s meant to apply to a piece of rhubarb pie, but it’s equally true of any of these stories: “So nothing can, you know, fix this. But you wanna know fuckin’ what? This shit, this shit, at least, you know, temporarily fixes it.”  In this world, that’s as good as stories get. — Lev Grossman


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