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Jul 2

The Masters Review Volume IX Shortlist

After much deliberation, our editorial team has selected the 30 entries to this year’s Anthology contest that will be sent to Rick Bass for final consideration. We were quite pleased with how difficult the decisions were this year! Thank you to all of our wonderful submitters. Be on the lookout for our finalists announcement later this month. We can’t wait to see which of these submissions are selected! Congratulations to all on the shortlist.

A Lot of Words For It, Jenna Abrams

The Quiet Ones, Marcie Alexander

Cicada Summer, Emma Choi

The Loss, Denise Emanuel Clemen

Open System, Brendan Egan

Tillie, Randi Ewing

Everyday Horror Show, Paola Ferrante

Pirating, Jack Foraker

Beauty, Leah Fretwell

Exchanges, Dara Kell

Look Don’t Touch, Thomas Keogh

Bratwurst Haven, Rachel King

The Monroe House, Charisse Kubr

The God in the Dark, Leeyee Lim

Proper Forage, Barbara Litkowski

Above Snowline, Rachel Markels Webber

The Analyst, Jennifer Marquardt

Mortal Champions, Stefani Nellen

13 Steps To Making Monsters, Dino Parenti

Witness to the Burn, Robin Patten

Whitney in the Real World, Stephanie Pushaw

Sex-O-Rama, 1993, Jenny Robertson

Trucker’s Notebook, Nicole Roché

Jesus Wants Them, Eric Rubeo

Clear Shot, Anji Samarasekera

East B.F., Ben Schwartz

More Than Bright, Grace Spulak

Be Ye Ready, Michelle Syba

Near Korengal, Linda Wastila

El Lugar de Los Sueños, Isaac Yuen



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